What's included?

VGo is affordable. Organizations of all sizes can take advantage of VGo’s benefits.  

Included with every VGo order are:

  • The VGo
  • Battery (6 hr)
  • Charge Dock & Power Cord
  • Handheld Remote Control
  • VGo App: Up to 20 PC and/or Mac users

The subscription includes:

  • Full hardware warranty:  if the hardware fails we’ll replace it immediately
  • Software warranty and updates: you’ll automatically get new software updates as we continue to enhance the VGo and fix any software problems if they arise
  • VGoNet Connectivity:  VGoNet delivers continuous presence indicators to users so they know which VGos are available for their use.  VGoNet also manages the best connectivity path through the network to ensure the highest level of performance
  • VGoNet Manager: access to the simple web management tool used by your administrators and users to manage the community of VGo’s and users in your organization
  • Unlimited help desk support - yes you speak with a live person (M-F, 9-5 Eastern)


  • Height Extension (includes an Extended Life battery - adds 8 lbs to the VGo's weight)
  • Extended life battery (more than 12 hrs - adds 5 pounds to VGo's weight) 
  • Additional Charge Docks 
  • Full size padded Carry Bag

VGos can be ordered with embedded Verizon 4G LTE connectivity.  (Customer is responsible for obtaining a 4G LTE subscription with Verizon).  

Want to get an exact quote? Click Here.          Volume pricing is available.