Christopher and VGo - Journey of an Artist

Christopher and VGo are on a creative journey to explore possibilities

Christopher has been in fragile physical health since he entered Los Angeles Unified School District in kindergarten. As the progression of his medical condition has limited his ability to attend school, it has never diminished his desire to learn. Christopher has been homebound since his first grade school year. Because his disability affects muscle strength and movement, Christopher has been unable to hold a pencil or turn pages in a textbook since the seventh grade. His disability never held him back in terms of educational progress as he persisted to complete his academic assignments with the support of his parents and access to assistive technology. It is Christopher’s character and curiosity that have enabled him to achieve academic success as he works to complete his course credits for graduation. He is unable to attend school and receives one-on-one bedside instruction in his home. Using only one finger to control the external track pad for his laptop computer, Christopher writes and draws - he loves to draw.

Christopher is an amazing young man and student. It has been challenging to access and complete the schoolwork, but his good humor and patience enable him to trudge through difficult material with success. Nothing holds Christopher back. He has a curious and perceptive mind that has helped him transcend physical barriers. Among the most impressive attributes of Christopher are his whimsical humor and imagination that inspire his artistic talent. His digital art and multi-media projects are impressive in their own right, but downright incredible considering the barriers he has to overcome.

Enter Verdugo Hills High School (Los Angeles area) and animation teacher, Wes Mcbride, and VGo. Christopher attends Mr. Mcbride’s animation class via his VGo robot. Fully interactive, Christopher operates the robot from his bed at home, most of the time the students see a video of Christopher’s face on the robot, and the robot moves freely around the class, participating in groups and completing animation projects. Christopher is kind of a jokester, liking to goof around with his classmates, through his VGo robot. It’s an amazing sight to see and really is a model for the future. When the teacher was asked how Christopher is doing, he said he is on top of his work and in some areas is at the top of the class!

Armed with amazing patience and creativity, Christopher has thrived in the rich experience of participating with his classmates remotely but closely connected with his peers in learning and collaborating with technology. Through this access, he has grown in his talent and desire to reach out beyond the walls of his home to the experiences of his school, community and world.