Introducing Robots and Virtual Presenters at the HIMSS Innovation Center

By John Paganini, HIMSS

Introducing Robots and Virtual Presenters at the HIMSS Innovation Center

Visitors to the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland, Ohio can now meet a virtual member and an insightful robot, technologies complimenting the interactive visitor experience.

VGo: The newest addition to the HIMSS Innovation Center, VGo is a robot used for patient monitoring and remote patient visits in the healthcare environment. VGo facilitates virtual tours, security, inspections and interpreter services.

Upon meeting VGo on the fourth floor of the Global Center for Health Innovation, visitors will find that it:

  • Replicates a person in a distant location, and
  • Sees, hears, talks and moves around.

On your next visit to the HIMSS Innovation Center, take VGo for a test drive and consider other interesting applications it might offer.

Jennifer the Virtual Presenter

When you arrive at the HIMSS Innovation Center, you are greeted by a human being. However, there is another greeter also – her name is Jennifer.  Jennifer is a Virtual Presenter. Through the use of creative video, intelligent scripting, and an iPad with a robust Content Management System, Jennifer is able to provide a virtual experience for visitors.  She can engage and make recommendations.  Along with providing wayfinding direction, Jennifer also provides content on the many HIMSS Innovation Center Collaborators.

While the HIMSS Innovation Center does have full-time employees and interns present at all times, the presence of these innovative and digital technologies offers a unique experience that definitely enhances the learning process and entertains anyone ready to meet and greet VGo or Jennifer, the Virtual Presenter.