VGo Enables 5-Year-Old Seymour, TX Girl To Attend School From Home

Little Briley Hostas was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2011 and her doctor recently suggested she stay home to keep from germs during the "sick season" at school.

Briley has had many hills to climb and faced another about a month ago, when her doctor suggested she stay home from school.

But Briley is now able to attend class, without leaving the comforts of her home.

The kindergarten class in Seymour is just how you'd expect it to be, with five year-olds coloring and cutting out school assignments.

But one of those students is on wheels, complete with a computer screen and camera on top.

"It's awesome," one student said.

"When we first got it I was so excited because I was able to see our friend on it," said another.

Their friend is Briley Hostas, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2011.

Though she's in remission her doctor recently told her to stay home, away from any germs she might pick up at school.

But now with the VGo Robot, Briley doesn't have to miss out.

"There is so much instruction she was missing, even with home-bound that I couldn't give her and so it's just amazing to have this technology so that she can be here all day with us," said Alicia Hostas, Briley's mom and kindergarten teacher.

With the technology Briley is able to take part in class discussions, listening and sharing ideas, but most importantly she gets to be with her friends.

"She lost that social side and she felt like she was alienated from everybody again, with this technology she isn't actually here in person but she feels like she is a part of our class," said Hostas.

A class she experiences sitting at her kitchen table at home, while rolling alongside her classmates at school .

Seymour's superintendent had seen the robot on our newscast and ESC Region 9 was able to provide the Hostas family with it.

Briley started to use the robot several weeks ago.

Briley's mom says they hope Briley will physically be back in the classroom soon.

Courtesy of Fox KFDX-3.