VGo in Healthcare... Making a Difference to Families Across the US

I am excited to join VGo as Vice President of Sales. I learned about VGo just one month ago, and was quickly impressed by this simple and user-friendly voice-bot. How cool to enable someone to be “beamed” from a computer to a remote location, to see and be seen, hear and be heard, and to move around and interact with people in a very real way, all at the click of a mouse.

Then, I spoke with people in healthcare, and I learned about a deeper mission for VGo, andBern Terry is VGo's Vice President of Sales for VGo robotic telepresence solutions how it is making a big difference in people’s lives. A boy in Iowa is unable to attend school due to lung disease, but he can practice math with flash cards with his classmate who is 15 miles away. A physician in New York needs to check on a sick patient who lives 100 miles away, to make sure things are going well six days after heart surgery. A nurse has to observe a child who is at home 60 minutes away and in pain. A plant manager needs to direct his team from his bed after he recovers from a near-fatal car accident. A grandmother is recovering from hip surgery at home and is feeling isolated and alone…

What a thrill, and what a responsibility for us to find the right fit for VGo in healthcare. Which patients most need continued contact and interaction with doctors and nurses after hospitalization? How can we help busy clinicians who have hundreds of patients to care for? What efficiencies can we find for healthcare administrators who are trying to balance the need to do more with less? How can we assist HMO’s and government leaders who are trying to balance their budgets?

VGo is a great productivity tool for professionals in business and research. In healthcare, it facilitates more and better communication between patients and the professionals who provide their health care. I look forward to playing a role in making this solution possible for more people every day.