Ask And You Shall Receive!

Video is one of the most important elements of any robotic telepresence system and at VGo, we've always taken great care to ensure that our customers have the best video experience possible. With the release of VGo software version 1.5.0, we're pleased by the fact that we are not only delivering enhanced VGo video quality, but we've introduced two new features that we believe you'll be excited about - higher bitrate video, and 5x electronic zoom.

We've got some of the best engineers in the business and, as you might imagine, they are genuine videophiles. Never satisfied with the way things are, they're always looking for ways to make our video quality even better. Rather than try and stop them, we've learned to let them go at it knowing that the results of their work include new algorithms and video processing techniques that we can roll directly into the VGo product. Voila!

Customer satisifaction is very important to us, and zoom has been one of the most frequently requested enhancements.  We think you'll find the 5x zoom valuable in a variety of applications where you don't want to drive closer to what you want to see.  Our default video bitrate has been 384 kbps, but you've pointed out to us that network conditions often allow for a much higher bitrate and that you'd like us to take advantage of that fact. The increase to 768 kbps gives you more flexibility in deciding for yourself whether you want better video quality or lower network costs.  Don't worry, we'll be monitoring network conditions for you, and our software will automatically reduce the bitrate if your network conditions change. 

Try out these new enhancements, and let us know what you think.  While you are giving us feedback, tell us what's at the top of your wish list for future software upgrades, too!