What is VGo

VGo robotic telepresence

What is VGo?

VGo is an all-in-one solution that includes everything you need to establish your physical presence in a distant location.

Using our special software application on a PC or Mac, an internet connected person located anywhere, instantly connects to a VGo in a distant facility – giving them the ability to not only interact with the people who are there but also to move around under their own control just like you would if you were there in person.  Some people like to describe VGo as their personal “avatar”.

The VGo is 100% remote controlled by the remote person.  The people who are in the same facility as the VGo don’t normally touch it when it’s in use – they treat it like a person.

VGo can be shared by a set of people or dedicated to a single person using standard web accounts and permission settings maintained by you, or by someone in your organization- just as applications such as shared printing, email, and instant messaging are managed today.

VGo is uniquely integrated with a camera, microphones, and video display - all on a light-weight, motorized, stylish, remote-controlled platform. VGo is optimized at 4 feet tall so it works equally well when interacting with people who are sitting or standing. An accessory raises the height to 5 feet for applications where people are always standing or where you need to have a higher view.  And of course you can look anywhere – up, down, all around. You can move delicately around tight spaces, slowly pan around the room or join a colleague walking down the hall. VGo is battery powered and can run up to a full day between charges. When it’s time to recharge – just click the "Dock" button and VGo automatically positions itself on its charging dock (included).

VGo is designed for indoor environments. You can go wherever there's a WiFi or Verizon 4G LTE network signal (4G connectivity is an optional feature). It can easily be carried up or down stairs, or you can have one or more VGo’s on each floor where a remote person needs to go.

When you buy a VGo – everything you need is included – this is what you get:

  • The VGo: this goes in the location where remote people need to visit. 
  • Battery: lasts more than 6 hours between charges.  You can get an extended life battery that lasts more than 12 hours.
  • Charge Dock & Power Cord: This is how the battery gets charged.  The VGo docks and charges itself with simple click of a button by the remote visitor.  You can buy additional charge docks if you want to have them spread around.
  • Handheld Remote Control:  This is only used for specialized applications when you want to control the VGo locally.  Also sometimes used to enter configuration data when the VGo is first installed.
  • The VGo App: Up to 20 people can download the application that is used to communicate through the VGo and to drive it around.  Only one person can use the VGo at a time.

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