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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers



Communities define a collection of users and VGos that are managed together. VGos can only be assigned to a single community and accessed by the users in that community so it is best to choose a single community for an entire enterprise. The community is created when the adminstrator (designated as the Community Manager) first sets up their account. The community name should be a short label that is descriptive enough to identify your organization.

A community manager can create multiple administrator accounts for that company so that user and VGo management can be distributed.


VGo Activation

Before a VGo can be used for the first time, it must be activated by a VGo Adminstrator. Activation is part of the process of ensuring security and privacy between the VGo and those that will be using it. To activate a VGo, you’ll need the special unique VCode which is in the documentation inside the box or has been supplied by your reseller at the time of your VGo acquisition. Contact your reseller or VGo if you don’t have your special VCode. VGo must be powered on and connected to your WiFi network before you can begin. Consult your user guide for more details.


VGo User Accounts

A user account is required to be able to download the VGo App which is used to establish your presence with a distant VGo. To download the VGo App for the first time, you’ll need a username and password supplied by the VGo administrator in your organization.


Getting Additional Help

Contact VGo for any support required for your VGo or your VGo App or to report a problem with your hardware. 

Please email or call 617-674-8545.  Phone support is available Monday thru Friday 9am to 7pm (eastern time).