VGo Testimonials - Hear what users are saying about their VGos

"Here at Tools for Life, Georgia's Assistive Technology Program, we find VGo a valuable resource for all community members, including Georgians with disabilities, that we serve."

Carolyn Phillips, Director

Georgia Tools for Life

"One of the things we're going to have to do is be where the patient is. We don't have enough caregivers and resources to do that any other way but electronically."

Greg Walton, Chief Information Officer
El Camino Hospital
Excerpt from Modern Healthcare

The VGo offers our team members the ability to join a meeting or conference in real time from a remote location, greatly enhancing our global collaboration experience.  It has certainly made it easier for me to feel like I’m more engaged with the group at large while telecommuting, especially during those times when my physical trips are infrequent.

Jon Machen
Sr. Systems Engineer
Lockheed Martin IS&GS

As a working professional who just so happens to have a physical disability, finding the right balance between being at the office and present during every meeting and trying not to over exert yourself can be challenging. Vgo has helped me to overcome this obstacle! By using this innovative technology, I can "be at the office" and "in every meeting" while working from an alternate worksite. I no longer feel left out or behind in my work. I'm connected to my team and to the community members that we serve!

Liz Persaud
Training, Outreach and Development Coordinator
Tools for Life | Pass It On Center

"Reimer’s Electra Steam has been using a VGo robotic telepresence system to facilitate collaboration between a valued  electrical engineer, who is currently located in the Dominican Republic, and our production team on the manufacturing line.  We purchased the robot so that he would have a presence at our facility.   We have been really pleased with the product’s performance and have been able to dramatically improve our development time on projects that require collaboration with the manufacturing group.  Bottom line: It works!”

Roger Burkhardt
Reimers Electra Steam

"Eventually, I see a whole fleet of these robots being sent home with patients. "With this technology, we're going to be able to replace hospital monitoring with home-based monitoring.''

Dr. Hiep T. Nguyen, Oncologist
Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School
Director of Children's Hospital's Robotic Surgery Research and Training Center
Excerpt from The Boston Globe

"VGo eliminates the deficiencies associated with other video solutions that are locked to a TV or computer monitor by providing 100 per cent remote-controlled mobility."
Ali A. Hashemi, Director

Amana Healthcare

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