VGo helps companies of all sizes overcome distance, manage remote teams, be at many locations at once and tackle unforeseen problems, cost-effectively while increasing organizational productivity.

Large Enterprise

Applications abound in the large enterprise. Today, Remote Engineers/Project Management and Remote Manager are the most common. Virtual Tours, Security, and Inspections are also good uses for VGo.

Download a comprehensive white paper on VGo for remote project management in large enterprises.

VGo robotic telepresence for large enterprises


VGo’s robotic telepresence solution is used by remote engineers and remote project team members to stay connected with distant team members, to engage in processes and to keep visually involved in engineering, product development, manufacturing and integration projects. remote engineers use VGo telepresence robots in manufacturing companies

Manufacturers’ performance is all about delivering required quality on time. VGo has been used to help diagnose issues by remote engineers anywhere on the production line and by operations managers to monitor progress. Virtual Tours, Security and Inspections are also good uses for VGo.

Click here to download a comprehensive white paper on VGo for remote project management in manufacturing environments.




VGo is used by executives, managers, and business proprietors whose productivity and attention to detail contribute to the success of their small and medium size businesses.  VGo enables managers to “be” in the most important place at the right time without the associated down-time, inconvenience and cost of travel.

executives use VGo telepresence robots to manage their small and medium size businessesSmall and medium businesses are often managed and grown with limited resources. Key employees can be responsible for multiple functional areas and time as well as capital is a precious resource. With VGo, busy managers can give their employees the attention they need or keep an eye on things even when they’re out of the office selling or at home during their off hours. Instead of managing by walking around, you can manage by driving around. Security and Virtual Tours are also applications for VGo in SMB.



Applications in Business

Remote Engineer
Remote Executive