Vecna acquires VGo

Vecna acquires VGo

VGo is excited to become part of the Vecna family.

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Audi & VGo

Audi and VGo

Audi Announces its Robotic Telepresence Application

Education White Paper

Education White Paper

Download the White Paper and learn why VGo is the ideal solution for home and hospital-bound students.

Modular Height

Choose the Right Height

The new height extension accessory for VGo increases flexibility

VGo Healthcare White Paper

New Healthcare Whitepaper

Get our new white paper on VGo's use in Healthcare. The applications and their benefits - it's all here.

VGo. From anywhere. Go anywhere.

VGo replicates a person in a distant location. See, hear, talk and move around as if you were there. For healthcare staff and doctors, students, remote workers, and visitors in healthcare, education, and business.

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Who's Using VGo

  • Piloting hospital family visits
  • Remote design engineer inspects projects
  • Execs demonstrate wireless leadership
  • Eldercare innovation research
  • Health care staff monitors patient recoveries
  • Remote subject matter experts push the envelope
  • Management demonstrates latest wireless applications
  • Remote Education and Training
  • Homebound elementary student attends class
  • Remote project managers keep engaged
  • UC Consulting includes robotic telepresence
  • Homebound high school student attends class
  • Managers visit head offices
  • Consultants go where they’re needed
  • The Montreal Children's Hospital
  • Nursing simulation labs
  • Remote tours
  • Remote worker access
  • Remote patient care
  • Remote patient care
  • Remote patient monitoring