Patient monitoring is but one of many ways VGo is being used in healthcare organizations to overcome resource issues. Remote visiting for the growing eldercare market and medical staff training at a distance are other popular applications.

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VGo Patient Monitoring Application

Two of the major challenges in healthcare today are availability of skilled resources and cost containment. Not enough trained healthcare professionals are available and the costs to deliver health services continue to rise. VGo (at a much much lower cost than current robotic telepresence and telemedicine carts) helps to overcome the resource issues by making your experts available where they need to be. VGo can reduce costs by making staff more productive since they can travel across distances instantly – to the patient wing, to the lab, to the clinic, to the eldercare facility, to the home – anywhere at the click of a button. Virtual Tours, Security, Inspections and Interpreter Services are also good applications for VGo in Healthcare.

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Applications in Healthcare

Remote Student
Remote Visiting
Patient Monitoring