VGo for schools with homebound and hospital bound students

VGo is being used successfully today by schools for their students who can’t physically go to school due to an illness, accident or medical condition.  VGo gets the student back to the tradional schooling environment by providing a physical device that replicates the student while away from hospital.  It is operated in real-time by the student (not the teacher or an aid) so they feel empowered with their independence.   VGo enables students to:

  • Receive the same instruction as their peers
  • Move around/between classrooms independently
  • Socialize with friends in the hallways and at lunch
  • Participate in a full school day with their classmates
VGo robotic telepresence for remote students

Aiden learning

Hundreds of schools are implementing VGo in their homebound programs to serve students who are capable of learning, but can't be in school physically.  The reasons for not being in school are many, but the benefits are the same.  Parents, teachers and students want those benefits whether they are needed for a month or for years.


Shorter term absences include:                Longer term absences include:

  • *Cancer Treatments                              - Immune Deficiencies
  • *Car Accidents                                      - SMA
  • *Surgical Recovery                                - Severe Allergies
  • *Cystic Fibrosis                                     - Kidney Disease
  • *Sports Injuries                                     - Spinabifida
  • *Teen Pregnancies

What Educators are Saying About VGo

 “VGo has provided connectivity to the school that some students may not be able to otherwise experience.  The ability to participate in class, collaborate with peers and socialize as a typical student, have been extremely positive and rewarding for all.”

Mike Flanagan, Assistant Superintendent (and parent)
Tyngsborough Public Schools, Tyngsborough, MA


“VGo enables an otherwise home bound student to be a part of school life again.  We tried the webcam solution, but the student was just a picture on the teachers laptop - looking at the teacher and only interacting with the teacher. 

Now this student is a presence in the classroom and hallways.  He can be a part of school life in other areas that were unavailable to him via a webcam like the auditorium and gym.  He can move and interact more freely.  I believe VGo gave this student more of what our school could offer and put interaction back into his life.  Plus, he gets to drive a robot around the school!”

Theresa McConnell, Technology Coordinator
Mohawk Area School District, New Castle, PA


“VGo creates wonderful opportunities for students to access their education when they are unable to attend school. I can see tremendous possibilities for VGo’s use in the future and look forward to having this option for students.”

Ann Huntington, Executive Director of Special Education
Newport-Mesa Unified School District, Newport-Mesa, CA


"In the past, we used technology to bring the world to Cris. Now VGo allows Cris to come to the world."
Kathy Kwolek, Superintendent
Mohawk Area School District, New Castle, PA
“The VGo is a great way to provide the Homebound student with a vehicle to access direct classroom instruction while still being a part of the school community all from the safety and security of their home.”
Troy Krotz, Assistant Director Student Outreach
Poudre School District, Fort Collins, CO

While many prefer their privacy, here are published reports on real-life students using VGo to attend school:


















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