Software Releases

The VGo and the VGo App software are continually being enhanced.  The current software version is 3.0.2. Both the VGo and the VGo App need to have version 3.0.2 for the solution to operate at its designed performance. 

To download the current VGo App for your Windows PC or Apple Mac click here.To download the current VGo App for your iPad, go to the Apple App Store

You can only use the VGo App if you have an active VGo account (usually created by an adminstrator in the organization that owns the VGo's).  To see if you are running the latest software (Version 3.0.2), from the bottom of the VGo App Sign-In screen or Contact list screen.

  • select Settings, then select the About tab


For the VGo robot, software is downloaded directly to the VGo over its network connection.  You will be notified when a new version is available. To check to see if the VGo is running the latest software (version 3.0.2),  from the main menu on the VGo

  • select Settings, then Version Information, then scroll down and select Check for Update. Follow the instructions if you wish to update the VGo's software.


What's new in version 3.0.2

Turbo mode is supported which increases VGo's top speed by 70%.  Available on VGos manufactured in 2015 and later.

Support for Auxiliary cameras (Optional hardware feature)

Minor bug fixes


What's new in version 2.1.0

Higher resolution video is displayed in your VGo App.

A setting that disables the taking of Remote Snapshots is available on the VGo robot.

Settings screens are now protected by a password to prevent accidentally changes to the settings.

  • The Password is 345
  • System and version information can still be viewed without a password

International time zones are now supported.

VGo App for iPad’s Pivot function is supported in this release.

When roaming (searching for a new Wifi access point), VGo will automatically only scan for new networks on the currently configured frequency. (Note - this can be overridden).

Initial WiFi network setup is easier with the automatic selection of DHCP when detected.

4G LTE settings will no longer be available if the modem is not installed.

Minor text wording changes in the User Interface.

Minor bug fixes


What's new in version 2.0.0

Support for AES encryption for all data sent and received during a VGo visit.

                • A padlock icon is displayed on the screen of both the VGo and the user's VGo App indicating that the connection is secure.

User interface enhancements including:

                • Easier driving
                • Auto-tilt and volume control settings on top
                • Forgot username and password contols on the VGo App Log-in window
                • Simpler controls
                • And more

Minor bug fixes


What's new in version 1.5.5

Support for WiFi and Verizon 4G LTE on the latest release.

                • All features are available regardless of which wireless connectivity type is selected.

Support for Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion

A new network health indicator

                • Helps users understand performance capabilities

Spoken Announcement setting

                • Enables connection to the VGo with minimum disruption to sensitive environments

Miscellaneous user interface modifications

Stability improvements



What's new in version 1.5.0

Support for Apple Mac computers

                • The same easy to use interface and all the same features as the Windows PC SW.  Note: the Mac version is currently in beta.

5X Zoom

                • The user can remotely zoom the VGo's view up to 5X without loss of resolution

Audio only Mute

                • The user can now remotely Mute only their audio (that is reproduced by the VGo). Their live video continues to be displayed on the VGo's screen.  Video and audio mute (together) is still available.

Network Firewall Port Tester

                • Using the VGo App, users can test their network connection to determine if the firewall ports required for the VGo solution are open or closed.

Other enhancements

                • Auto Update On / Off Setting - Enables adminstrators to decline a VGo software update so as not to interrupt VGo availabilty for users.
                • Max video data rate has been increased to 768K for better performance on lower quailty networks.
                • On the VGo App, Settings are available prior to log-in.
                • Improved video quality
                • Fixes and security improvements


What's new in version 1.4.2

Auto Re-dock

                • The VGo now will automatically re-dock itself if accidently bumped out of place

Relay call maximum bitrate has been increased from 200k to 400k in both directions

                • Improves A/V quality significantly particularly when the end to end network connection is not the best.  STUN connections continue to operate up to 400K.

VGo PC App UI enhancements

                • Dock button now turns green when docking is available and flashes green when auto-docking is in progress.
                • The video call window closes automatically after user selects “Hangup”.
                • Help is now available everywhere by clicking on help icon (question mark “?”).
                • When using VGo, a Driving Tips button is available to provide tips and instructions
                • Double clicking anywhere on VGo name/location line in the Contact list will now immediately initiate a connection with that VGo. Double clicking on a person (not a VGo) in the Contact list will still only open a text chat window initially – clicking on the green camera icon will continue to launch a video call to that contact.
                • Large buddy list rosters will now load faster.
                • Cliff Detection OFF warning message can now be checked to not show up again.


              • Numerous minor fixes to improve performance, quality and usability