User Guides & Videos

Here are links to the latest VGo User Guides:VGo is used for remote visits and monitoring in healthcare, education and business.

Download Quick Setup Guide
This four-step guide walks you through the steps for setting up your VGo for the first time.

Download VGo App Controls at a Glance
This abbreviated guide covers the functions within the VGo App.  It is for remote users/drivers.

Download VGo App Full User Guide v2.1
This complete guide covers the VGo App only.  It is for Windows PC & Apple Mac remote users/drivers.


Download VGo Solution User Guide v3.0.0
This complete guide covers the VGo and the VGo App and includes setting up the VGo, creating communities, operating the VGo locally and everything about the VGo App.


For Adminstrators and Managers, who manage the VGo Community inside an organization, a VGoNet Manager Adminstrator's Guide is available for viewing/download when logged into that site.