Some kids want to go to DisneyWorld. Cris wants homebound kids to be able to go to school.

VGo trumps all comers in the robotics category

VGo is excited to be part of the Vecna family!

These organizations are recognized leaders.

A mother in VA receiving her Master's degree is able to also attend her daughter's college graduation 250 miles away with help from VGo!

After a more than two year battle with aplastic anemia, Shelby is ready to be a normal teenager.

At Rady Children's Hospital, caregivers use VGo to treat children. Robots and other tools that aid telemedicine services featured at ATA 2015.

Students with special health needs use VGo to participate in lessons and interact with classmates despite compromised immune systems.

A Texas Kindergarten student uses VGo to engage with classmates.

Student being treated for cancer at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis and connects with some Trinity Lutheran classes using the VGo.

A North Carolina second grader with an often fatal genetic disease was able to attend the circus in Raleigh with his classmates thanks to the VGo robot.

Montreal Children's Hospital in Quebec is first to use VGo robot for hospitalized children to virtually attend school.

Children's Medical Center is using VGo robot to enable hospital-bound students to stay current with classwork, and social with their friends and teachers.

Using VGo, doctors can monitor Ebola patients without breaching the quarantine zone.

Seventh-grader with chronic stomach migraines uses VGo to stay connected at school.

The VGo will give caregivers, researchers first access to complex disease without endangering lives

Doctors from Dartmouth-Hitchcok Center for Telehealth will be on the sidelines via VGo robot at Darmouth College football games to provide concussion assessment, if needed.

"There are measurable outcomes about how VGo can improve patient care and patient experience."

VGo helps AtSite improve the quality and performance of their client's facility and real estate portfolios.

VGo enables doctors and family members to virtually visit Amana facilities, and move around in away previously not possible.

Keith Miller, the Orthwein Professor for Lifelong Learning in the Sciences at UMSL, is creating a program that would allow children who are ill to take part in science activities through the use VGo robots.

Bringing family members together in the last moments of life is just one of the benefits of VGo.

Student undergoing treatments at Barbara Bush Children's Hospital uses VGo to stay current in school

VGo was able to provide custom engineering to develop several new features, while maintaining a price point that is affordable.

A Texas 5th grader who sometimes misses as much as 10-weeks of school at a time due to treatment for chronic pancreatitis is using VGo to attend school again.

Brea is able to attend school remotely while undergoing chemo treatments

Student injured during domestic violence attack returns to school remotely

First Pediatric Rehabilitation Hospital to Use Telemedicine

Doctors at Rady Children’s Hospital today introduced the deployment of a fleet of VGo telemedicine robots, allowing physicians to evaluate patients quickly and from anywhere.

The short film, titled Posnack Technology: A Day in the Life of Kyle, follows Kyle Weintraub, a seventh grader who is being treated for lymphoma in Philadelphia but continues to attend school in Florida by using VGo.

14-year old Connor Flanagan is unable to attend school in person because of healthcare needs, but with VGo, he doesn't miss a thing.

There will be a new face at Northern Arizona University football games this fall – only this face will be on a robot on wheels.

Learn how NASA's Langley Research Center uses VGo robot

Across the US, VGo robots are lead the way to the classroom for homebound students

VGo featured as part of "Robots get to Work" article

12 year old Cristian Beasley gets a surprise visit from his idol for whom he named the VGo robot he uses to attend school.

In tiny Knox City, a sick boy and his robot sidekick keep beating the odds.

Shanalin Heath had facial reconstruction surgery in April, but thanks to VGo she hasn't missed a thing.

12-year old Cristian Beasley is the seventh student in Texas to uses VGo to attend school

Dr. Eugene Spiritus brings 40 years of healthcare experience to the VGo team.

Palomar Health leverages the affordable VGo Robot as part of their telemedicine program to create Hospital of the Future

Using VGo Robotic Telepresence Device, the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is able to offer a field trip of the future.

Lexie Kinder lets her personality show in class, even though she's not there in person.

Trilogy Health Services, providing rehabilitation and long-term care, now offers telepresence with physicians, family members to residents.

Third grader uses VGo to attend school8-year-old Garcia suffers from a weak immune system, but since she can attend class, her school work is getting stronger.