Obviously the benefits of VGo depend on the application but if you’re looking for a quick overall summary it’s right here.


VGo increases productivity and profits

Attending to an organization’s challenges in-person is the most effective way to achieve high productivity. But healthcare workers, managers, experts, engineers, trainers, etc. cannot always be where they are needed. With VGo – now they can. VGo results in increased productivity. Access to most anywhere in a distant facility, not just conference rooms and offices, is now possible with VGo’s mobility. VGo’s unique physical presence encourages and increases personal interaction. Usage has demonstrated that a person using VGo commands more attention than even being there in person. With VGo, issues can be immediately addressed and decisions can be made faster.

VGo reduces costs

The cost of travel continues to escalate – not just in airfare, hotel stays, special needs transportation and other travel costs but also the cost of downtimes that accompany a plane or car trip and even long walks between buildings or locations in very large facilities. These costs can be avoided or reduced with VGo.

Immediate access to facilities and people means faster decision making.  Costs to solve problems are lower and costs within a project are lower.

VGo delivers convenience

VGo enables you to go to where you need to be – instantly. No planning a trip or scheduling someone else’s time or extracting yourself from a particular environment. Even though you’re not there, you’re in control. React to issues immediately. See the problems for yourself when they arise. VGo enables you to travel somewhere without the inconveniences of today’s physical modes of travel – no downtime, no security lines, no parking hassles, no long walks across a campus just to name a few.

VGo enhances employee satisfaction

Think of all the times when you wanted to be somewhere else but for whatever reason couldn’t; how you felt that you could do a better job if you were there; how you sometimes felt left out of the action. Now with VGo, all of these issues disappear as you establish your personal presence into the actual local scene – resulting in a higher level of satisfaction in your job. In addition, VGo lets you circumvent the frustration associated with today’s travel requirements. Less down time, fewer hurdles to jump – more enjoyment.