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One Key to Managing Doctor Shortages Lies in Affordable Telehealth

An article published last month from The New York Sunday Times reports the Association of American Medical Colleges estimates in 2015 the country will have 62,900 fewer doctors than needed.

The Era of Big Data, and it's Impact on Telehealth

When the Verizon Chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam said recently on the “CEO Sit-Down” with Bloomberg "this is the era of big data," he was talking about the benefits of new Verizon 4G cellular broadband networks. Today, this fourth generation of cellular wireless standard can achieve download speeds upwards of 10 Mbps, with even higher speeds expected for the future.

The 2012 Super Bowl and a Market Story of Robots Invading Telemedicine…

This week there was a market story by Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Healthcare Technology Online and the 2012 Super Bowl game, brought it all home. Congdon’s story talked to the point about laws of supply and demand which are best evident in a competitive market. Competition causes businesses to try new ways to attract customers by lowering prices, improving quality and developing new products and services. It’s driven the success of our economy.

House Calls Making a Comeback

It seems like an image from a bygone era; a physician steps up to the front door, black bag in hand, to check on a patient at home. Or is it completely science fiction: where a telepresence robot Dr. VGo comes in to check on a patient in their home. Maybe both….