Learn How VGo Will Enable Your Home and Hospital Bound Students to Attend School - Free White Paper*

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Injuries, extended illnesses, immune deficiencies and other physical challenges prevent a student from physically being able to attend school. School districts try to accommodate these special needs by working providing on-line courses, in-home tutors, special busing, videoconferencing and more. But these are expensive and very limiting since students miss out on the classroom experience and social life that comes with attending school.

Now students with special health needs can use VGo to:

  • Receive the same instruction as their peers
  • Move around/between classrooms independently
  • Socialize with friends in the hallways and lunch
  • Participate in a full school day with their classmates

Click here to read stories about real kids using VGo to go to school.  See what they say about VGo in their own words.



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