People Attend CES Without Being There Via VGo and Other Media Insights

January 22, 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show drew over 150,000 people to the Las Vegas Convention Center, many of whom were excited to learn more about the VGo Robotic Telepresence System. With all the media coverage and blogposts, here are a few highlights and favorites.

  • In partnership with Verizon Wireless, VGo announced that the Robotic Telepresence System is now available with an embedded 4G/LTE modem. These 4G/LTE enabled VGo units, with a cost of $6,895, will be available for shipment in February. The systems feature both Wi-Fi and the new 4G/LTE connectivity.
  • Mobile Magazine featured a video of the 4G/LTE enabled VGo at CES. In the post, Mobile Magazine highlighted just one of the many uses for this state-of-the-art robotic telepresence device.
  • Gigacom’s witty headline "4G with Your Coffee? Verizon Sticks LTE in Just About Everything" features VGo and makes the point that remote users want and need a broader range of coverage than Wi-Fi can sometimes offer. VGo is the only telepresence device on the market available with 4G/LTE connectivity.
  • Tech savvy site Engadget posted a video of the VGo Robotic Telepresence System at the Verizon Wireless booth being controlled by co-founder and inventor Tim Root.
  • CES 2012 uploaded a video from the MEMS TechZone booth. VGo co-founder Tom Ryden and VGo partner Freescale Semiconductor provided an interview with the help of Alex Dopplinger, a Freescale marketing manager, from her home office in Ottawa, Canada.
  • The Street, a leading digital financial media company, named VGo one of the 5 Hot Products of CES 2012.
  • Last but not least, Telepresence Options posted an article, "How to Crash CES with a VGo Telepresence Robot” with a video clip of the author taking VGo for a spin. His advice for future VGo users: “Relax and have fun and you will be comfortably driving around in minutes.”