Remote Executive

There’s no substitute for being there in person

Informal meetings and ad hoc decision decision-making are more effective face-to-face. Employee motivation is an important element in their productivity.  But how do you keep things running smoothly when you have multiple locations?  Or when you are out of the office developing your business? 

You can be in two (or more!) places at the same time

VGo is used today by executives, managers, and small business proprietors whose productivity and attention to detail contribute to the success of their businesses.  VGo enables managers to “be” in the most important place at the right time without the associated down-time, inconvenience and cost of travel.

With VGo, executives and managers can visit many facilities in a single day. They can tackle a customer or operational crisis instantly.  They can see for themselves and assess the state of distant operations.  They can provide the leadership that’s required to keep the business running smoothly, the employees motivated and messaging on target. VGo facilitates informal/ad hoc meetings around a conference table, in the lab, at the water cooler, walking down the hall or even in the break room.

Executives and managers can arrive on their own and move about a location as if they were there, remotely controlling their movements using an internet-connected PC with audio/visual capability.  VGo is on-demand – just click where you want to go in the building – pop in for a few minutes or stay all day since VGo runs up 12 hours before re-charging.

VGo pays for itself in as little as 30 days by eliminating the cost of several business trips. Intangible benefits are many:


  • Visit multiple locations in a single day…every day
  • Unforeseen problems are tackled quicker and more efficiently contributing to lower costs and on-time performance
  • Teams are more efficient given a manager’s ability to raise their level of participation, inspection and leadership