Verizon Selects VGo as a 4G LTE Network Collaborator

VGo has been working with the Verizon Innovation Center to provide the convenience of 4G LTE to its robotic telepresence product line.  At the Center's launch event on July 12, 2011, Tim Root, VGo chief technology officer and founder, spoke about how people can establish their presence in a distant location such that they can interact and perform their job in ways not previously possible.

VGo allows an individual to see, hear, interact and independently move around in any remote site-enabling anyone to be anywhere.  VGo’s industry-leading solution reduces costs while improving productivity for remote workers, health care providers and homebound students.

With 4G LTE technology, VGo’s telepresence robots will benefit from a wider operational range, no longer relying on established Wi-Fi networks, thus enabling deployment to a greater variety of businesses and locations while simplifying connectivity and setup considerations.