VGo Enables Iowa Boy to Join His Classmates in School

KWWL Coverage

Colesburg, Iowa (KWWL)
In February we introduced you to Aidan Bailey. He's had a double lung transplant, not letting him join the other students at school. He has been skyping to his first grade classroom and now that's changing.

The Edgewood-Colesburg school district raised enough money to fund a robot.

Skype has helped Aidan, but this robot is even better.

"This way he can look down at what they are doing and not run into everything," said Edgewood-Colesburg teacher, Linda Tegeler.

This is Aidan Bailey's eyes, ears and now even feet.

In Aidan's home he can control the robot with his computer.

In the classroom, this four-foot robot joins the students in his place.

"One of the biggest advantages to the VGO Robot is instead of being stationary on a computer Aidan gets to move around wherever he wants. Are you coming?," said KWWL-TV reporter Nikki Newbrough.

"This way it gives him the option of moving around if he has a questions he just moves around the room until he finds me," added Tegeler.

And finding Mrs. Tegeler has been a little tough at times because Aidan has only been in school a couple of times because of his low immune system.

"I think its like really cool because like there are two remotes," said classmate Mariah Cherne. "One where Mrs. Tegeler can drive when Aidan doesn't know where to go and then Aidan can drive when he knows where he needs to go."

Technology at its best helping a little boy have as normal of an education as possible.

"We are so fortunate there are so many people that believe every child should have a good education no matter what their situation is," said Aidan's grandmother Lori Gearhart.