Film Featuring VGo Wins National Contest

The US Department of Education received more than 2,500 submissions for films highlighting the use of technology in education. One of the 16 winners was Posnack Jewish Day School which documented Kyle Weintraub's use of a VGo to attend class. 

The short film, titled Posnack Technology: A Day in the Life of Kyle, follows Kyle Weintraub, a seventh grader who is being treated for lymphoma in Philadelphia but continues to attend school in Florida by using VGo.

"Life would be awful without the robot," Kyle says in the film, which is two minutes and 44 seconds long. "I wouldn't see my friends. I wouldn't be doing much at all."

In winning the contest, Kyle and three classmates were invited to the White House along with other winners on February 28, 2014.  As Kyle stood on stage just behind President Obama, the president hailed the tech-savvy boy's use of a robot as "a wonderful example of the difference technology can make."

"Even as he is getting medical treatment, and fights to get better, Kyle can keep up with his studies," the president told the audience.


View the winning video

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Watch the Speech by President Obama (He speaks about Kyle at about 9m 12sec into the video )