A limited supply of expert resources doesn’t have to constrain training availability
Keeping staff continually updated and advancing the skills of qualified workers is important to the strength and competitiveness of any organization.  Although everyone talks about “investing” in their employees with training, let’s face it, it’s really considered an expense.  In today’s world of cost containment that means fewer trainers.  And fewer trainers mean fewer scheduled trainings.  For industries, like healthcare, where continuous training is mandated, fewer scheduled trainings means accommodating busy professionals can be extremely challenging.  And the sharp penciled accountants are always looking for ways to reduce expense even further so that means less "hands on" and "in person" training as travel expenses are often a big compoment to that expense.


VGo enables trainers to be on site more frequently since they don’t have the unproductive down time of travel

VGo’s robotic telepresence solution is an ideal way to increase the productivity of trainers who have responsibilities beyond a single facility.  Instead of a single two hour training session bounded by travel times in a day, a trainer can now easily conduct 4 training sessions in a day - conducted from anywhere.

  • More productive trainers
  • Lower training costs
  • More scheduled training sessions

Use VGo to save money on training sessions where the instructor is remote but still need to move around to be effective.

Indeed, depending on the training topic, web conferencing or videoconferencing may a good solution.  But for training that is more "hands on" or where the instructor needs to move around the facility - VGo is the best choice.  Use VGo when:

  • Trainees or students are spread around an area (not classroom style) -  in a lab or prototyping facility or at a workstation
  • The training requires everyone to move from one station to the another - along a manufacturing line, around a room objects in a new product line or from one stragic wall map to another
  • The training topic is on a device or object where you need to be able to move around it - a rack in a server room, an industrial component, a retail display, or maybe a robotic tool