Amana Health Deploys VGo Telepresence Robot in the United Arab Emirates

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Learn how Amana Healthcare System is connecting doctors and patients for exciting new healthcare applications in the United Arab Emirates

The Future of Telemedicine is Now with VGo at Children’s Specialized Hospital

Originally published on the Children's Specialized Hospital Blog.

Jul 25, 2014 by Christopher Haines, DO, FAAP, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer

Amana Healthcare introduces cutting-edge VGo to enhance patient care

Amana Healthcare, a specialist healthcare provider based in Al Ain, will be able to provide a telepresence robot service to patients and health professionals through a partnership with VGo Communications.

The VGo robot consists of a wheeled base with a screen and camera, which can be operated remotely by a user to replicate their presence in another location.

Hospice of Southwest Ohio Merges High Tech with High Touch

Packing for one last visit with her dying father in Ohio, an Illinois woman gets the call that her father is rapidly declining. It is clear she will not be able to reach him before he passes away at the Patient Care Center at Hospice of Southwest Ohio (HSWO) in Cincinnati.

Then, the HSWO nurse on duty proposes that the daughter log onto her computer to be connected to HSWO’s VGo (pronounced VEE go) robot, virtually bringing her into the room with her father. She converses with her father and is able to say a final goodbye.