Students Raise Funds to Purchase VGo for Homebound Classmate

During the first week of October, a coin jar was placed in each Lovelady elementary classroom and at the front office to collect money for the annual Coin War, a donation drive where students are encouraged to bring spare change from home that will be given to a charity.

Instead of a traditional charity this year, students chose to donate money to the Region VI Education Service Center’s VGo program, which brought a robot to the district for sixth grader Morgan LaRue to us

Verizon Promotes Robotic Telepresence by VGo in National Ad

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If you've been watching the NFL football play-offs or the Golden Globes Award Ceremony, you may have seen Verizon's "powerful answers" ad about how VGo and Verizon have teamed up to enable kids with health problems to attend school.

VGo helps put boy, 7, at the head of his class

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Allergies keep boy out of school, but with VGo, he's at head of his class

BY: T.J. Pignataro | The Buffalo News

Devon Carrow delivers notes and attendance papers from Dawn Voelker's second-grade classroom to the main office at Winchester Elementary School in West Seneca.

He meets and greets fellow classmates at the entrance to the school building before the morning bell.